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Why Should You Choose an Audiologist for Hearing Care?

 Why Should You Choose an Audiologist for Hearing Care?

Cutting corners by relying solely on free hearing tests or ordering your hearing aids from an online vendor might save a few dollars at the time, but your long-term hearing health depends on quality care. That’s why you should entrust your hearing to audiologists; professionals who both represent quality in their own extensive training, skills and experience, and provide quality hearing care through comprehensive testing and treatment.

Extensive training, skill and experience

Audiologists make hearing their specialty. In order to be licensed for practice, all audiologists in the U.S. are required to earn a doctorate in audiology (AuD), complete a full internship, and pass a national competency exam. On top of the specialized knowledge and skill they bring to their practice, they add certifications, continuing education, and years of hands-on experience with hearing loss patients and conditions of all ages and types.

Comprehensive hearing testing

When you take an online hearing test, it’s just that – one test. It may be the start of diagnosing hearing loss, but it shouldn’t be the end. During a hearing evaluation, audiologists put their patients through a full range of tests using different techniques and specialized equipment. They’re not only looking for signs of hearing loss, but the type (whether conductive, sensorineural, or a mix of both) and degree (from normal to profound decibel losses). In other words, audiologists provide a much higher-quality and more comprehensive exam than you’ll get anywhere else.

Advanced hearing technology

The extent of a free hearing test’s treatment plan is to indicate you might need hearing aids. An audiologist provides much more than this based on a full analysis of your hearing needs. In addition to having your hearing condition diagnosed, you’ll be individually fitted for hearing aids, provided with practical training on how to use and care for them, and given follow-up hearing services like therapy or hearing rehabilitation. An audiologist can also tell if your hearing condition requires treatment from an otolaryngologist or other professional and will directly refer you.

As you can see, the extent and quality of the services an audiologist provides go much further than a basic hearing test you can take online. Your hearing health is important, so give it the quality care it deserves.