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What Can Earmolds Do?

What Can Earmolds Do?

Earmolds can be an amazing accessory to your life. Earmolds are not just for hearing aids they can be used for custom-made hearing protection or for custom-made earbuds. There is so much an earmold impression can be made into to assist you in your life. Here are a few examples of custom-made earmolds.

  • Hearing aids. Most people know that earmolds and hearing aids go together. Custom-made earmold impressions are taken for custom hearing aids. These earmolds are used to make the shell of in-the-ear hearing aids, as well as for behind-the-ear hearing aids. The earmolds are used to ensure a secure fit in the ear canal for the hearing aid user, thus creating optimal sound quality for the user as well.
  • Hearing protection. Earmolds can be made into custom hearing protection. These custom-made hearing protection earmolds help to protect one’s hearing in loud environments, such as loud workplaces, concerts or gunfire. Their small stature makes it easier for the user to move around creating less friction or limitations that can be caused by earmuff.
  • Earbuds. Earmolds can be made into custom earbuds that not only helps to give the user a better quality of sound, but also helps to decrease background noise around the user, which helps to decrease the necessary volume level required to block out or diminish the background noise. This also helps to reduce noise-induced hearing loss that can occur over long time use of listening to loud music via headphones or earbuds that do not diminish background noise.
  • Sleep plugs. Custom-made sleeping earplugs can be made to help light sleepers get a good night’s rest without being distracted by the loud world around them.
  • Swimmer’s plugs. Custom-made earmolds can be made for swimmers to help decrease the risk of water getting into the ear and staying, which helps prevent ear infections.
  • Audio earmolds. Custom-made earmolds can be made and are used by singers, pilots and drivers around the world. These custom molds are used for audio purposes, such as singers listening to their band as they sing live or by pilots as they listen to and converse with air traffic control or by drivers using a Bluetooth headset while driving to decrease distractions from their phone while driving.

These are a few examples of how custom-made earmold impressions can benefit your life. Talk to your hearing health professional about the different types of earmolds that can be made to help you and your lifestyle.