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Tips to Convince a Family Member to Get a Hearing Test

Tips to Convince a Family Member to Get a Hearing Test

Maybe your mother has started avoiding family gatherings because she can't comprehend what people say. Maybe your husband turns the TV and phone volume up louder than he should. Or maybe you have a friend who always requests other people to talk louder than they normally do. 

If anybody close to you has had hearing loss left untreated, it’s only natural that you would want to help them. Whether it is a parent, spouse or sibling, the best way to assist them is to convince them to get their hearing checked by a hearing healthcare professional. 

However, convincing a loved one to get their hearing put through its paces is easier said than done. The problem with hearing loss is that it is similar to losing something that's really important in a person's life. And, since the emotional strain is so high, a person first tries to come to terms with reality and gets defensive in the process. 

According to research, 95% of all hearing loss cases can be dealt with by the use of hearing aids. However, to obtain hearing aids, a hearing test is necessary. However, since convincing someone to get a hearing test is tough, you will need to follow a few techniques to do the convincing.  

Explain why hearing tests are recommended for everyone

Just like you would get your annual health check-ups from your physician, you should also have annual hearing screenings from a hearing healthcare professional. Doing so will enable you to keep track of your hearing ability and be on the lookout for any changes. Moreover, since hearing loss takes some time to get a foothold, annual screenings are the best way to monitor changes in your hearing ability. 

Another benefit of hearing screenings is that even if your loved one believes that he/she does not have hearing loss, you could still convince them to undergo a screening by telling them that hearing screenings are not necessarily for those with definitive hearing loss and are just a healthy precaution to take. 

Highlight what they risk by waiting

According to research, people with hearing loss wait for an average of over seven years before they seek the help of a hearing healthcare professional. This is a risky decision. 

If left untreated, hearing loss can lead to several other health issues such as heart diseases, depression and even dementia. Apart from these concerns, a person’s quality of life also dramatically decreases as almost all aspects of life are severely affected by hearing loss.  

It is also important to realize that untreated hearing loss gains in strength over time. And, once your ability to hear goes, it can never be restored. Moreover, when your brain gets accustomed to not completely processing sounds, it also loses its ability to function properly. Research has shown that untreated hearing loss can actually cause the brain to shrink. 

Explaining these serious risks to your loved one can go a long way in convincing them to get an appointment and get their hearing checked.