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COVID-19 Notice

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Hearing Doctors of Georgia’s Response to Coronavirus

We at Hearing Doctors of Georgia do believe in social distancing but not social isolation.  And not being able to hear your best during this time can be extremely frustrating and irritating.

In addition to implementing all the CDC’s required precautions of washing hands, sanitizing surfaces , wearing gloves and encouraging those with fevers to stay home, we are also adding new measures to help our valued patients:

  • Curbside appointments- if you need us, we can make an appointment and when you arrive you can call the office. One of our staff will come to your car and bring the hearing aids to the office for the required cleaning and in-office repair. We will not be able to make adjustments to your hearing aids this way, however.
  • We are waiving all fees related to in-office repairs and cleanings.
  • We will be glad to mail fresh batteries to you and we will cover the postage. Simply pay by phone for the batteries and we will get them in the mail to you.
  • We will be glad to mail supplies to you such as domes and wax filters
  • We are extending Warranty Expirations Dates
  • We are extending Trial Times for those wearing new hearing devices

We want you to know that we are your biggest fans and we want to help. We will all eventually return to normal but until then we can get through this together.

If you need anything else but it is not mentioned above please call us .

The Staff of Hearing Doctors of Georgia