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It’s football season and our favorite time of year here at Hearing Doctors of Georgia!  Now, with the amazing technology that is available to patients, you can stream your favorite games right to your hearing devices wirelessly.  Whether you use a TV steaming accessory, the Tunity app, or just get in- game updates sent to your hearing aids via the

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Rechargeability = Convenience Have you ever been somewhere and you get the annoying low battery warning in your hearing devices? Now several hearing aid companies offer a rechargeable hearing solution to free you from the hassle of changing disposable batteries in the most inopportune time. The hearing instruments are set into a charger nightly which will provide enough charge to

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Hearing aids improve the hearing and speech comprehension for people with hearing loss. The hearing loss can be the result of disease, aging, medications or injury. Regardless, almost all forms of hearing loss benefit from the use of hearing aids and other assistive technology. If you have hearing loss, hearing aids will magnify the sound vibrations that come to your

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